Are You Using Virtual Tours And Digital Technologies To Your Selling Advantage?

28 Aug, 2019

In 2018, 44 percent of buyers turned to the Internet as their first resource during their home buying journeys. Of the 90 percent of real estate brokerages that have websites, the most popular feature is property listings. In an age where competition is fierce, and buyers are eager to have the answers to their unasked questions in real-time, real estate agents must learn how to use the right digital technologies to their advantage. 

Embracing The Benefits Of Virtual Tours And Digital Technologies.

As its name suggests, a virtual tour gives buyers a chance to view a property in its entirety from the comfort of their own home simply by using their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Virtual tours are not only useful to buyers, but they can also help real estate agents more effectively sell homes by highlighting everything that the interior, exterior, and outdoor spaces of the home have to offer. For example, a potential buyer will be able to take his or her time exploring every room without feeling any pressure from the seller's agent. 

Real estate agents can take virtual tours one step further by offering clickable pop-ups filled with key informative points about each room of the home. Whether the home has custom moldings, or a high vaulted ceiling, the pop-ups  can help a buyer answer their most pressing questions before they get in their car to drive to the property. In fact, it is the latter time saving feature that makes virtual tours such a valuable selling tool. 

Virtual tours have the unparalleled capacity to make a buyer feel like they are taking an actual tour of the property. In some cases, buyers can even play with room layouts by installing digital furniture to further envision how their belongings would look in the home. Finally, virtual tours help buyers save time and money. The digital tours are succinctly designed to help buyers better understand their list of wants, needs, and must-have features. Instead of growing frustrated by driving to countless properties that don't meet their expectations, buyers can instead keep their spirits high by taking virtual tours on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In return, selling agents can track how many times the buyer took a virtual tour. They can also track what other properties they toured. The latter information can help selling agents tailor their marketing messages, so that they are actively addressing the buyer's list of wants, needs, and must-have items. Speaking of tailoring marketing messages, if selling agents want to get the most out of their virtual tours, then they will also need to leverage digital technologies that streamline the buyer's journey. For example, Docusign, DropBox, Google Drive, and Doorsteps are all digital tools that can help to expedite the buyer's journey by providing digital documents, market insights, and the customized marketing messages needed to keep the buyer interested in the property. 

Choose The Right Digital Technologies And Appeal To Buyers With The Help Of A Trusted Title Company.

Virtual tours and the right digital technologies can help you appeal to buyers as they use the Internet throughout their home buying journey. However, if you want to achieve the optimal results, then you will need to not only select the best digital technologies, but you will also need to work with a trusted industry partner like Velocity Title. Our team is standing by to help you streamline settlement processes and gain the traction that you need to succeed. To reach new levels of real estate success, contact a Velocity Title team member today. 

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