Do You Know How To Create Real Estate Brand Ambassadors?

19 Jun, 2019

As your real estate business has grown, there's no doubt you've spent time building the right team. From choosing a trusted title company, to partnering with the right real estate agents, it takes a lot to establish your brand. However, did you know that your customers and avid supporters can help you further extend the reach of your brand? Through brand ambassadors you can optimize your partnerships, while simultaneously leveraging a powerful marketing tactic to spread the word about your real estate brokerage. 

Build Brand Love from Day One. 

If you want to create real estate brand ambassadors, then you need to build brand love from day one. In other words, people have to be excited to support and share your brand's vision. To do this, you should answer the following four questions.

  1. Is your brand story clearly defined to the public and to your internal team?
  2. Are your brand standards clearly documented across all media? 
  3. Do you have consistent branding on all digital and in-print media (especially those materials that are sent out to existing and prospective clients)?
  4. Have you clearly articulated the benefits of your brand across all digital and in-print marketing channels?

If you can answer an emphatic "yes" to the above questions, then you are in a great position to start building your loyal following of brand ambassadors. However, if you are a bit hesitant, then you will need to build brand love, before you embark on your quest for ambassadors. Here are some tips on how to grow your brand love:

  • Make sure that your brand has a unique value proposition.
  • Clearly establish who your target audience is.
  • Practice your communication tactics to ensure you have clearly determined your brand style (including specific colors, fonts, wording, and imagery used in marketing materials).
  • Create consistency within your branding messages.
  • When in doubt, repeat your brand story to your reliable team, including your chosen Maryland title company

Let Your Brand Ambassadors "Pound The Pavement" On Your Behalf

The easiest way to begin building a loyal following of brand ambassadors is to start with your established partnerships. In fact, through cross-promotional events, your partners can help to spread the word about your brand to their customers. Whether it is putting up flyers, creating a pop-up tent, or hosting a local event, street teams should be a key component of your brand ambassador program. By letting your brand ambassadors "pound the pavement," you can more easily distribute targeted marketing materials to your intended audience. Remember to always create a win-win scenario for your brand ambassadors. In other words, there should be a clearly articulated benefit, such as increasing the number of shared clients. 

Be Seen. Be Heard. And Don't Underestimate the Power of Commercial Title Insurance Services.

A brand ambassador program represents a powerful marketing opportunity. Your street team can cut through the noise, engage with your intended audience, and attract more clients to your growing real estate business. The good news is that you don't have to build your loyal following of brand ambassadors from scratch. Instead, you can start with the team at Velocity Title

At Velocity Title we believe in supporting our real estate clients. We help to simplify their lives, build stronger relationships, maximize efficiencies throughout the home buying and selling journeys, and inevitably increase sales. Together, we can help your brand grow as we create win-win scenarios that support your path to real estate success. By leveraging the right technology tools, as well as our vast industry network, we can give you the traction that you need to succeed. To learn more about how the Velocity Title team supports the real estate industry, we encourage you to contact a trusted team member today. 

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