Real Estate Professionals Agree: With this App, Technology Really is Their Friend

21 Mar, 2019

When it comes to working in the real estate profession, convenience and ease-of-use is a must. And that rings true for you both you and your clients. In our technology-driven society, streamlined services aren’t just a want anymore, there a need.

Most realtors and lenders are juggling multiple things at once—focusing on getting their next contract closed. The days of waiting for a status update of your closing via an email or phone call are gone. Now it’s real-time access, instant quotes, and technology driven service that is needed to take your business to the next level—as it should be.

One way to make your job that much easier is to get instant access to Title Quotes, Loan Estimate Quotes, Seller Net Sheets, Buyer Estimates, and ALTA Settlement Statements. Here’s why these five areas are so important to streamline:

Title Quotes:

Getting your clients the information they need to make decisions on their contract shouldn’t be a waiting game. If you partner with title companies that use an automated quote-calculator software, you can get a quote instantly. With Velocity Title’s quote calculator, you simply login to the app, fill in the requested information, and your quote is ready.

see the quote calculator app in action

Loan Estimate Quotes:

Figuring out the loan estimate information for your clients can be done at your fingertips with an automated calculator. Get this data to those buyers or sellers as soon as they ask using Velo-Quote Calculator.

Buyer and Seller Net Sheets:

It’s your job to help your clients understand how much it may cost to buy or sell a home. Having a branded buyer and seller net sheet is a great way to help clients understand some of the costs they may not have thought of. Using an automated system, like Velo-Quote Calculator, you can simply log into the app, put in the property information, loan information,  rates, and other relevant information, and then find out the estimated monthly payment, fees, closing costs, taxes, etc.—or the estimated profit if it’s a buyer.  

This information is very important to your clients, and now you have an easy way to produce it and share with them. Some of my realtor friends will actually print a couple of these out based on their clients’ top home choices so they can share it with them while out in the field.

ALTA Settlement Statements:

According to American Land Title Association, “ALTA Settlement Statements allow settlement agents to itemize all the fees and charges that both the homebuyer and seller face during the settlement process of a housing transaction. These statements were designed to be modified and expanded to allow settlement agents to show any fees that may be applicable in their regions, and to disclose items that are not otherwise disclosed on the CFPB’s Loan Estimate or Closing Disclosure forms.”

To sum this up, having access to these statements for your buyer or seller’s property is a great advantage because it lets them understand the bigger picture prior to settlement day. You can download these statements using a quote-calculator platform, like Velo-Quote Calculator.

Get a Title Quote Instantly 

Make Your Job Easier with a Click of a Button:

Now’s the time to make technology work for both you and your clients. If you aren’t using a quote calculator for every transaction, you should be. Check out Velocity Title’s quote calculator and see how easy it is to get the quotes and information you need delivered right to you–and branded with your company so you can share it with your clients. You can even access this tool on your phone!

Velo-Quote Calculator:

Realtors/Brokers/Lenders can generate:

  • Seller Net Sheets
  • Buyer Estimates
  • Title Quotes
  • Loan Estimate Quotes
  • TRID-friendly

The benefit of these estimates:

  • You can create additional documents by transferring the information within the app without re-entering information
  • After you generate the estimate you can: Save, Print, Edit or Email
  • You have access to this 24/7

How does it work? Three easy steps:

  1. Click here, or if you’re on Velocity Title’s website, click on Velo-Quote Calculator at the top right of every page.
  2. Set up a free login, and save the app on your phone or tablet
  3. Fill in the information to generate your quote, net sheets, and more

Technology really is our friend in this world of real estate. Completing tasks instantly, that used to take days, is a huge advantage for us. You’ll save time and money—making you more available to your clients and their next needs.

To learn more about how Velocity Title’s Quote Calculator can wow your clients, and make your life easier, contact us at or 301.805.2900. You can also start using this tool now by clicking here.

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