5 Essential Tools for Top Real Estate Professionals

08 May, 2019

Real estate is a rapidly growing and evolving market. The days when only one local real estate agent dominated a market are long gone; as are the days when the majority of new clients could be acquired simply by having a conveniently located office on Main Street. Instead of relying solely on word of mouth recommendations and flyers in the mail, over 90 percent of individuals begin their real estate journeys with an online search. If real estate agents want to maximize their efficiencies, while simultaneously becoming top-producers in their markets, then they need to leverage the right technology tools.

The following tools can help real estate agents reach new levels of success:

  • Zillow Premier Agent: Did you know that Zillow receives an estimated 160 million monthly visitors? By becoming a Zillow Premier Agent, you can claim your listings, have your contact information prominently displayed in the upper-right corner of your listing pages, and develop strategic advertisements for each of your active ZIP codes. In short, Zillow Premier Agent is a valuable lead generation tool that can help you to acquire meaningful connections, build client relationships, and more easily sell homes.
  • Canva: Creating dynamic digital and in-print graphics is a vital component of any real estate agent's marketing strategy. However, if navigating the world of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator isn't in your wheelhouse, then you should turn to Canva. Canva streamlines the design process, gives you access to millions of fonts, graphics, and photographs, and makes it easy for you to import your own logos and designs. In short, Canva is a brilliant digital design tool that makes it easier for real estate agents to create flyers, postcards, brochures, and even dynamic social media posts.
  • Trello: It is far too easy for real estate agents to become bogged down with time-consuming tasks. The good news is that Trello can help create order out of chaos. As an online collaborative task management tool, Trello is uniquely designed to help real estate agents stay organized, meet vital deadlines, and more effectively collaborate with their teams on assigned tasks. One of the best parts about Trello is that each board is automatically updated in real-time.
  • Hootsuite: It's no secret that social media can take up a lot of time. From responding to comments, to actively engaging with followers, to developing interesting new posts, social media can quickly take up the majority of your day. Fortunately, Hootsuite is a free social media management tool that helps real estate agents save time as they manage accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Hootsuite allows you to automate posts, analyze follower growth, and review engagement reports so that you can create the best social media experiences for your followers.
  • DocuSign: Thanks to the digital world, the real estate industry now operates at a faster pace. DocuSign is a trusted electronic signature service that makes it easier to securely send, sign, and store real estate documents in the cloud. With DocuSign, buyers and sellers can now review documents at any time, on any device, and anywhere in the world. The added bonus of DocuSign is that it greatly reduces paperwork and saves real estate agents time as they complete transactions throughout the year.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Working with the Right Team

As seen through the above five tools, real estate agents can greatly simplify their lives, maximize efficiencies, build stronger relationships, and increase sales. In addition to leveraging the right technology tools, real estate agents should also surround themselves with the right team. To learn more about how Velocity Title can give you the traction that you need to succeed with our leading services and technology, including an online quote calculator, contact a trusted team member today.

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