Attracting Clients: How to Increase Your Realtor and Lender Appeal

24 Jan, 2019

It’s no secret, finding a realtor or lender is not a hard thing to do. For consumers, it’s a matter of doing a quick Internet search for the “best” realtors or lenders in the area—or even asking friends on social media for their recommendations. With such high competition, it’s up to you to establish the right messaging to not only convey your expertise, but attract the type of clients you want.

With the housing market facing some current challenges—home sales on the decline and the partial government shutdown impact—now’s a great time to focus on your realtor brand and appeal. So how do you do this? According to, in order to build a strong brand in real estate services you need to differentiate yourself and define a niche market. Author Joelle Senter explains the importance of thinking about what you’ve done to make yourself unique. She writes, “There’s a pretty high-profile agent who’s been affectionately called the “Condo King” since back in the 1980s. And he has reaped the rewards of the title. For years, his agency has handled the majority of condo business in Philadelphia. His branding as the Condo King is a persona that defines him and has followed him all the way to becoming President of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors.”

In order to attract your ideal client, you need to clearly identify who that is. Take some time to write down the qualities you’re looking for in your clients. Then start to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How does this person communicate the most? Is it social media, email, direct-mail, in person?
  2. What information is most appealing to this person? Numbers and percentages, real-life stories, imagery?

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Why do these questions matter? When you develop content for your target audience, you need to write in the style that will appeal to them. According to Shannon O’Brien’s article in, "If you are targeting luxury clients, you don’t necessarily want to use the same language that you would use for people looking for an entry-level home. Change your voice, and you may just change the type of client you attract. Establishing your brand voice isn’t easy, but if it speaks to your ideal client’s needs in their preferred mode of communication, it is a powerful adjunct to your branding efforts. Once you determine your brand voice, it’s time to use that voice to give your ideal client what he or she wants, and to supercharge the reinforcement of your brand."

Another option is identifying a niche market for your brand. Is there a neighborhood or area you are particularly experienced in? What about a type of sale or financing product? Do you use technology to streamline the process for your client? Use your experiences to create the niche brand of your choice and begin to attract more of those clients by leveraging your specialty. Become known as the realtor or lender that has the “in” at the golf course resort community, or the go-to agent or lender for making short sales quick and easy. It’s all about your messaging and how you convey your brand for your ideal audience.

Some great ways to push your brand include:

  • Social media: Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to convey your brand. Show pictures of happy clients, your latest listings, your successful loan approval for a first-time buyer, you and your clients at the closing table, etc.
  • Share great information: Write or share articles/blogs on topics that matter to your audience, listings of types of homes and locations your ideal clients would like, or special financing programs that target particular clients, etc.
  • Have a happy hour or a coffee event: Depending on your audience, throw a fun event and invite people to stop by for a drink and a chance to look at your latest listings or to learn more about the loan process.

Taking the time to identify the qualities that make you great at your job, and then developing a plan to promote them, will increase your appeal and drive more business your way.

Your Partners Impact Your Brand Appeal

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