Blockchain and Real Estate: What You Need to Know

16 Jul, 2019

The real estate industry has long been a part of the digital transformation. "Pen and pencil" methodologies have slowly been replaced by more...


Do You Know How To Create Real Estate Brand Ambassadors?

19 Jun, 2019

As your real estate business has grown, there's no doubt you've spent time building the right team. From choosing a trusted title company, to...


ReFi Boom - Is it Gonna Happen?

03 Jun, 2019

It's no secret that the 10-year Treasury Bond is directly tied to the fate of 30 year mortgages. In fact, long-term Treasuries often determine the...

close up of businessman hand working on laptop computer with financial business graph information diagram on wooden desk as concept

New Valuation Trends that are Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

20 May, 2019

Real estate appraisal is a key part of many real estate professionals' marketing mix, as well as its own business system. Valuations are important...

Be Prepared sign with sky background

5 Indicators That Your Local Real Estate Market Is Heating Up (Or Cooling Down)

16 May, 2019

Whether you are interested in selling a property, or want to get the most out of a new real estate acquisition, it is important to have a pulse on...


Amazon Smart Homes Coming to Your Town Soon—Do Your Clients Know?

01 May, 2019

Smart technology is all the rage for many individuals—ranging from smart phones and smart TVs, to smart appliances. In today's world, you can tell...

Three business people working at office with paperwork using tablet and laptop

Real Estate Professionals Agree: With this App, Technology Really is Their Friend

21 Mar, 2019

When it comes to working in the real estate profession, convenience and ease-of-use is a must. And that rings true for you both you and your clients....


Reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Housing Experts Release New Plan

11 Feb, 2019

Reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been a hot topic over the last few years. With the current state of our economy and housing market, these...


What the Government Shutdown Really Means for Realtors and Lenders

22 Jan, 2019

Since December 21, several parts of the U.S. government have been shut down due to President Donald Trump and Congress not coming to an agreement on...

businessman hand working on laptop computer with digital layer business strategy and social media diagram on wooden desk

Trends in the 2019 Housing Market: Get Ready for a Bumpy Ride

05 Dec, 2018

2019 is right around the corner. Are you ready for what the future holds in the real estate industry? The predictions may surprise you. The economy...

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