Real Estate Seminars: 5 Things That May Surprise You

05 Dec, 2018

As a real estate professional, you undoubtedly receive invitations to seminars on a regular basis. Sometimes one may catch your eye, but like many of your colleagues—hitting the delete button is probably the initial reaction. But before you pass the next invitation by, here are five things that may surprise you about real estate seminars:

  1. The content is focused: Limited time means more precise information

A seminar is a lot different than a conference. There’s not an entire day, or days, to share information with you—which means you’re getting concise and condensed information. According to, “A properly organized seminar offers attendees a wealth of information in one place in a condensed period of time.” To sum it up, if you have a good presenter you’ll leave with valuable knowledge to immediately apply to your profession.

  1. Meet and greet with peers: Share, chat and engage

Let’s face is—real estate is all about communicating, and nothing can trump the in-person aspect of your job. It’s important to meet with your peers on a regular basis to share experiences, updates, and expectations with one another. Staying connected with other realtors and lenders in such a competitive field has a huge impact on your overall success.

  1. Gain expert insights and gather business ideas: The more you know the better

How often do you have the ability to meet with an expert in your field, learn what they know in just a matter of an hour or two, and leave able to apply it directly to your work? By attending a qualified presenter’s seminar, on a topic that interests you or your clients, you’re setting yourself up for success.

  1. Use the information you learn for your marketing strategy: Be relevant

Often the topics covered in real estate seminar can also translate to your clients. Take notes during the seminar and think of ways you can use what was covered to show you’re on top of your game. shares this advice, “Write a blog article that encapsulates a conversation you had with the keynote speaker, highlight five trends you learned about and post a summary on your website, or tweet your followers some of the pithier nuggets you gleaned while you were there.”

  1. Take advantage of the unexpected: The possibilities are endless

Seminars are more intimate than conferences. Often you have a chance to speak directly with the key-note speaker, ask one-on-one questions, and get involved in conversations with your peers. The unexpected can often be the best part of a real estate seminar. Most of us have experienced a time where we were learning about something and became so engaged we didn’t want it to end. Attending a great real estate seminar can give you this.

Real estate seminars often get overlooked, but it’s important to be aware of the advantages of attending—and how you can use the information and resources shares to make you more successful in your business.

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Great Seminars Matter

At Velocity Title, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest industry topics and sharing our expert insights with peers on a regular basis. Our free real estate seminars have highly focused content on topics that matter to you.

One of our Co-Founders, Glenn Donaldson, is a RESPA trained attorney who regularly shares insights on how the latest real estate court rulings and regulations impact your business—among other topics.

Some of our great seminar topics include:

  • Handling EMDs – Risks to the Fiduciary Broker
  • Closing Disclosures Made Simple
  • Title Insurance: Importance, Cost, and How to Avoid Potential Problems

To learn more about Velocity’s free Real Estate Seminars (we also provide food), contact Jeff Berman at or call 301.805.2900.

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